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Volvo V60 2019 in-depth review | carwow

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Опубликовано: 2018-08-03T10:00:16.000Z

Продолжительность: 00:14:21

This is the new Volvo V60. Given the makeover compared to its predecessor, it's hard to argue that the new V60 doesn't look good. But when you consider that it costs more than an Audi A4 Avant or BMW 3 Series, does the V60 really offer enough for you to choose it over one of these German market leaders? There’s only one way to find out… Keep watching and let us know what you think in the comments!
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This is the new Volvo v60 and it's a little bit like The Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson now let me explain you see the old v60 was a bit of a brick or you could say a rock however recently it's had a massive image change and it's now much sharper and much more desirable I mean look at it so it's a good-looking car isn't it you've got those Thor hammer headlights there's lots of chrome.

Trim on this particular inscription pro version or there you can get our design which looks sporty er you know it's a nice car bold creases it stands out now did you know that Dwayne Johnson is actually the highest-paid actor in all of Hollywood now you probably also didn't know that the new v6 this starting price is slightly more than that of an Audi a4 Avant or a be able to.

Be 3-series touring though you do get a bit more kit with it a standard it starts from just under 32 thousand pounds that you can save three and a half thousand pounds off one through car Wow now if you click on the pop-up phone in the top right corner of the screen you can see how much you can save on a v60 or any new car for that matter a car why one of the main reasons to have an.

Estate car is of course for its practicality and the boot capacity on this Volvo v60 is slightly more than that of its German rivals and with this is description Provos and you get hands-free tailgate opening so it should open when I do that it is a little bit temperamental 1da did it you're never sure whether it is going to do it or not the boot is nice and square in terms of.

The shape so you can pack it fall also there's no load lip to lift stuff over the little scuff plate that's it's easy to slide items in and out it does help the load height is quite low so you not gonna hurt your back when you fill it full of stuff and there's some neat features in here you've got some storage area here with a net there's a strap here some solid tie-down points as well.

And you can upgrade it to have a 12 volt socket that's part of the 500 pound convenience pack which is a bit of they have to pay extra for a 12 volt socket but it does include some other bits and pieces such as this a divider in the boot which is handy now these are things here as supposedly to hang shopping bags off but I'm not convinced about them because here's our shopping bag right.

Standard shopping bag it's not really hanging it is it's just kind of Aldi maybe a little bit not perfect now the convenience pack does also include this look electrically operated rear seat so I'll just press the button and they fall down now don't worry someone sat there the backs won't actually fall on top of them as a sensor to stop that happening when.

You do for them down you've got a nice big flat lobe a your seats very easy to just slide items all the way to the front like that it's very very useful now just gonna pull this out because I wanna show you something else shut this down now all cars get a power tailgate so like I said it's just the pro that has hands-free operation so another good thing about the v60 is that the rear.

Doors open nice and wide which is handy because you're gonna need to take your body behind putting the seats back because they're really really heavy also makes it easy to get in and out if you're of a large disposition yeah so space back here now that seats in my usual driving position I'm 179 centimeters tall and I have got lots of knee room Headroom is good as well even.

Though this car is fitted with the optional panoramic sunroof which does reduce the head space slightly but it doesn't matter people over six four will be fine back here and the seats are nice and comfortable as well so to the middle seat well it is a little bit raised up and you do have this big hump in the floor but it's actually not too much of a problem it is alright for carrying.

Three people even adults abreast in the back at once there are some other things I like about the back of this car so if you look down here you can get it with climate control for the rear seats obviously it's an optional upgrade and you can get heated rear seats any problem with that is that you know that your children will end up playing that game on each other in the summer.

Well what they'll do is put the heated seats on when it's blisteringly hot to make their brother or sister start sweating yeah if there's not sitting in the middle seat you can of course fold this down and there's some extra storage here little tray here for what I would think is perfect for a mobile phone or so if you want to have a couple of drinks then this cup holders here as.

Well now another good thing about this car is the ISOFIX mounts because they're easy to get to and then under flip up cover so you won't be losing those covers and for more detail or it's not babysitting here or see what it's like with three people in the back and how much stuff you can carry the cars beech click on the pop-out bar in the top right hand corner of the screen to watch.

My detail practicality video I'll just point out that the rear door bins are decent enough size even average-sized bottle in them and then I could use this to illustrate that in the front they are considerably larger with plenty of room for a much bigger bottle than this shows over that in car storage well glovebox is a decent size this space of the.

Armrest though isn't so large because for some reason there's a CD player in there who wants a CD player not me and I'm sure not many people do either now in terms of the design it's typical Volvo so it's very simple all looks very very nice now as standard all versions come with a digital drivers display you also get.

Stuff like cruise control climate control a full suite of safety systems such as auto emergency braking it's pretty much got all that you need the edge level momentum car apart from one key thing leather seats if you want leather you have to step up to the momentum pro or the inscription speaking which the inscription is available with these lovely driftwood.

so that these lovely drift wood inlays they just add a touch of class to this cars cabin in terms of the quality most things you touch are very lovely and feel posh there there are a few bits and pieces which mean it doesn't feel quite as well put together to say something like a BMW 3-series or an Audi a4 like this look so this thing just kind of.

Slides backwards and forwards and deer look and it doesn't probably meet up either intelligent detail is a bit lacking in that particular area one thing I can't fault those fact that all cars come with this portrait style touchscreen it's generally quite easy to use you just walk through the different menus not by the tone you can get it with Internet.

Connectivity one thing though you have to pay extra for apple carplay or Android auto which is a bit me and the system itself it's okay to use when you're sat still but when you're driving some of the icons come for a little bit small so you're driving and been stabbing around at the screen kind of a bit willy nilly also you have to operate the climate control through it there's.

No physical dial to operate that which can be a bit annoying now for more information on this cause infotainment system and for another look around it's come and click on the pop-up and in the top ranked corner the screen for my interior and entertainment video review now then it's time for the car why five annoying things about this car the gear selector on this automatic gearbox is so.

Stiff that some people may have to use both hands to move it or if you're strong like me you can just use it from bicep workout yeah the wiper for the rear window is just so small but it any man sees to clear a small portal need to look through the button for the Sun blowing can be a real pain because often when you press it it's some reason it opens that's just a sunroof itself it's.

A real knack to operate it correctly I had this same system on the Volvo xc60 and it took me about six months to be able to open the blind now ah hold it open the roof you want to use it through loading you can't open it here which would be logical you have to do a cheeky reader get the flat down another thing that's a bit annoying is the fact that if someone.

Tries to load this seat look here it still blows my headrest oh really really it's just a bit of a pain in the neck there are certain practicality elements on this car which are supposed to be helpful but are in fact not at all like the low cover it supposed to move up out of the way so you can load easily but then it's really hard to put back and then it does that.

It's really annoying also there is no where to leave it in the car so you have to rest it in the boot it takes up space the final thing is this this is par but convenience pack no less and it's like a net which stops things rolling around but it's it's so confusing and tricky to fit I can't even get out the bloomin bag thankfully this car has plenty of cool features to help make up for all this is.

Five these touch screens can get well grubby with all the finger prints I mean look at that yeah that's what Volvo gives you this handy cleaning cloth that's Bella when it's dark and it'll light under there illuminates the door pocket so you can see what's in there you don't have that feature on your kite and always just use the torch on your mobile phone and stick it there perfect.

You can get the car with a three pin local socket which is really handy if you've got a dead batch in your computer because you can just plug it in charge it up it is charging and then send your emails the cars owner's manual is kept in a little lovely presentation box look at that how luxurious Volvo's greats premium gain well lit you can get the v60 with.

High Definition surround view cameras which help make it easy to pop in touch spaces also the reversing camera has a rather useful zoom function so yeah an extreme closeup isn't great when in my age that's better let's start with what this v60 is like to drive in town so one of the good things about it is that the view out is very very good so nice big windscreen these pillars are a bit fat.

But the way the position means there's not too much of a blind spot the via the back window is good as well and you've got these extra rear quarter pipes which are huge which help when you're kind of like looking over your shoulder to pull out junctions and stuff for driveways now you can see for yourself by joining me for a point of view test drive it if I click on the pop-out button in the top.

Right hand corner of the screen one thing that isn't quite so grey is the fact that steering does feel quite slow so you turn the wheel and then I doesn't turn that much it means that we're not going round mini roundabouts and stuff like you have to be quite a lot of wheel twirling so low speed maneuvers such as weaving round car box can be a little bit frustrating at times.

In terms of comfort levels yeah it's a Volvo it's comfortable well it is so long as you don't go for large alloy wheels because then the RAI can feel a little bit firmer and it is so long as you don't go for the adaptive suspension and only adapter suspect actually improves things because you have a comfort mode but for some reason on this car the comfort mode is a little.

Bit firm and fidgety whereas the normal car is fine put into dynamic mode which actually stiffens up the suspension then it's downright disappointing for a Volvo you know these things are supposed to be comfortable speaking of weight when you get on the motorway yeah you're going to appreciate these lovely Volvo seats especially if you have the inscription with the fine nappa leather they are.

Lovely it's quite relaxing cruiser as well this cars got the acoustic glass was just an upgrade and it's supposed to improve the soundproofing there when you're travelling at higher speed on the motorway it never feels quite as quiet as an Audi for event as the engines well there's two diesels a low powered d3 but for a thousand pounds more you can get the d4.

Which is in this car which is noticeably quicker in fact it feels rather quick indeed and it should give good economy Volvo says 60 miles per gallon the trip computer says 47 miles per gallon which is actually not bad at all you can get a petrol version but it's got 250 horse passage well fast but you pay extra for that and it's quite expensive to run it's a.

Bit thirsty there will be a petrol plug-in hybrid in the future but that's gonna be quite expensive to buy now the engine itself this dee4diesel yeah it's got plenty of power like I say but it can get a bit noisy when you rev it out though it's not quite as noisy as the diesel engines you get in the Mercedes c-class estate or the BMW 5 Series Touring though it doesn't feel quite as.

Fast as those but that doesn't matter the biggest problem in this car though is the automatic gearbox you can get with it because it's just so slow to respond so let's say you're just about to pull out of a roundabout lock so you're coasting then you put your foot down and finally now we're going and that can just leave your flam drink thankfully you get a manual if you want.

To or you can change gears yourself using the selector but it's it's it's not the greatest to use speaking of getting involved in the driving experience what is the Volvo like should you encounter some corners well it's not bad somebody at all it doesn't feel quite as sporty as its German competitors but does that really bother you how you're gonna drive you know if.

You just want to cruise around this is more than adequate and it will hold the road as well as you need it so we're not going around the bend there at 60 miles an hour which is the national speed limit you've got to think about how you really get to drive in the real world and for real world driving this is a very nice car to be .

Now for more information and so much money you can save on a new Volvo v60 or any new car for that matter click on the pop-out band in the top right hand corner of the screen to go to car wow so then my verdict on this new v60 should you avoid it should you consider it should he shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well I reckon you should shortlist the v60 it's.

Really nice premium feeling practical family car who needs an SUV when you can have an estate as cool as this enjoy this video please like it comment on it and share it also click on our logo to subscribe to this channel when you click on the bottom right hand corner you can actually watch all about content meanwhile click over to the right to go to add deals page to see how much money.

You could save and you can't now did he spot the Easter egg in this video there was a song called feel it like it by a band called the d4 and the car stereo d4 of course related to this cause engine name

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