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Which Ford truck is BEST for YOU? 2019 Ranger or F-150 EcoBoost

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Опубликовано: 2019-02-16T01:43:12.000Z

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Since the 2019 Ford F-150 is larger than the 2019 Ranger does it make it a better truck for you? Check out these two Ford XLT trim level trucks to see how they differ from under the hood, to throughout the exterior and interior. Then you decide which truck you need to park in your driveway!
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hey guys what's up is Joe ready for a DS rise I'm back here at Walker Ford sunny Clearwater Florida and we're here to do a little comparison that so many of you have been talking about commenting here on radius rides and also all over the World Wide Web the interweb we're looking at the new kid on the block the 2019 Ford Ranger this one in an XLT trim.

Compared to the stablemate it's been around forever the Ford f-150 XLT trim so if you remember when they brought out the Ford Ranger back this this year brand-new January they're just hitting the showroom floors now there's been a lot of discussion about pricing and a lot of people saying well why would I go the Ranger route when I could just go get an f-150 even though they're totally.

Obviously different trucks there are some similarities but I think that at the end of the day you'll see that their differences they're there for a reason just right off the bat looking at these two trucks in that beautiful shadow black you can see that the Ranger has a much smaller size that's gonna be an advantage to a lot of people because many people that go the midsize truck.

Market segment which remembers that new booming segment with Toyota Tacoma the Colorado the Nissan Frontier these things you could park in your garage have another vehicle easily in there if you have a two-car garage whereas with the f-150 it's gonna be a little bit more of a challenge depending on your garage situation another thing is there's a lot of people who want that.

Truck feel who want to sit a little bit higher but they don't need the whole full-size shibam they want something a little bit more that maybe hey they're into kayaking or they're into mountain biking and this is more of an adventure set up for them to get to those activities where yes you could do that with the f-150 but the f-150 just is just a little bit.

More when it comes to size and whatnot but let's go ahead new kid on the block this is where we're going to start with the front end of the business Ford Ranger remember they stopped making these 2000 I like what Ford did with the styling I like the headlight housings I really think one of my favorite parts of the front is the grille I like the way that.

They went with different materials different designs in the center compared to both sides of the grille everything is functional that's another great thing that I love about the Ranger I like the emboss Ranger logo and sneaking behind that grille I don't know if Tom could show you there's that inner cooler because remember underneath the hood of this XLT or any Ranger for that matter.

Is that inline-four EcoBoost engine turbocharged intercooled you're looking at 270 horsepower wonderful the way they have it displayed here's another thing knock knock who's there that's chrome that's metal so only truck in its segment that have both front and rear metal bumpers I like what they did with the XLT with a little bit of silver down here you got your tow honks but a very.

Nice open front now some people would say how come the Rangers nose slopes down if you look at Rangers from past generations they did the same thing so Ford wanted to keep that that connection to the older generation Rangers I do like the hood I like the way they went with this double bulge it gives it a little bit of an aggressive look and really makes it stand out from the crowd.

In this segment because there's a lot of contenders and the Ranger is here to play let's go over to the f-150 there's that traditional design it's been around for a few years now I really dig the c-shaped light housings I think for really not nailed it right on the head with the grill area I love the way it integrates right into that see it's almost like a locking form to it on this.

One being a sport it's an XLT with the Sport trim I like the charcoal gray grill everything it flowing you can see I don't know if time to show you what's great about these f-150s there's active shutters so right now those shutters are wide open those shutters can open and close to help you get better fuel economy speaking of fuel economy underneath the.

Hood of this one is that EcoBoost v6 that is a 2.7 liter twins turbocharged v6 we're going to take a look at both of the engines in a few moments but you can see I like the way they went with the fog lamps finished in that same shadow black and then up on the hood very similar to the Ranger to keep that family connection with the double bulge hood very very popular the.

F-150 let's go ahead and now compare the sides of these two trucks let's start with the rain alright guys time to check out the side of the 2019 Ranger all new I really love how they wrap it around I think when the smartest things Ford with did with the design is you can see this separation here from the actual fender and it almost looks like a little mini fender flare.

I like that distinctive line and with the way that the truck sits the XLT sits plenty of room there and it just gives it a nice stance to it while it's sitting here in the parking lot I'm gonna have Tom zoom in and show you the upper and lower control arms and if you look closely you can see peeking behind that inner fender wall that's gonna be that 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine.

Like I said putting out 270 horsepower if you're wondering how much does this truck weigh it weighs around 40 100 pounds on this particular one it has these beautiful chrome finish 18 inch wheel I love the design of it and it really pops with the shadow black very nicely done if I was gonna Zonk the wheel tire combo I would like to see some white leather tires on it I think.

That would really just make it pop even more and just add to the fundus of the Ranger as we go around the fender I think it's very wise how Ford's doing their badging on the side not only is this a functional vent because remember air is coming in from the front and it's gonna flow out the side functional vent it has the Ranger badge and it tells you what trim level it is remember XL XLT or.

Lariat wear XLT let's continue down the side now if I'm going to start to throw some songs at the side it's gonna be this mirror I would think at an XLT trim I would like that shadow black it's so beautiful take the shadow black spill it all over this mirror I think that would help just with the overall cohesiveness of the look of the of the truck especially.

Like I said XLT I could expect that on the XL since that's the entry into the Ranger as we go down the side you can see that super crew cab I love the size of the doors you'll see when we go inside even though there's a midsize truck lots of room in there which is nice especially up front let's continue working our way back I think it was smart to go with the chrome.

Finish on the door handles just pops well with the black and the wheels it has a nice connection to it and then as we work our way back to the end final touch a little bit of a chrome treatment on the exhaust pipe I just like I said I just think it makes it look like a finished package rather than just having the bare exhaust pipe but there's a side of the Ranger let's go check out its big.

Brother the f-150 all right guys it's time to check out the big brother the Ford f-150 really that namesake in the full-size truck segment same story I like what they did with the fender flare treatment here just a little a little bit just to give a little bit of extra personality to it with this one being the XLT with the Sport Package these are the wheels that you get I actually think.

It works very well with the truck and what's interesting is when we looked at the Ranger the Ranger looks a little bit more off-road ish compared to this this is more I would like to say like a street set up but I do like the design of the wheel I like the color and I think it works perfect with the shadow black I'll have time go ahead and zoom on in and show you that upper and lower.

Control arms and then like I said behind that plastic inner liner that is that 2.7 liter EcoBoost v6 that's a twin turbo v6 325 horsepower so 270 325 let's continue down the side now with this being an XLT with the Ford trucks with the f-150 XLT is where you start then it's a lariat then you continue your way all the way to limited I would like to see it painted on the side but I.

Understand with this being an XLT on the f-150 why it's not buddy really would it be that addition of a cost of Ford to spill some of that shadow black on the mirrors the turn signals are integrated so that's a nice thing as we continue down the side you can see that this is the super crew nice full-size you got your stand running boards down here also finished.

In a dark color to make them blend in and then as we continue our way back I like the addition of the body lines that they put into the bed of the truck here there's our sport badge and you can see how they were able to really make a nice design with the tail light almost like with the headlights interlocking with the grille it's like the tail light in a interlocking with the back of the bed.

Speaking of beds time to compare the two let's start with the rainbow alright guys it's time to get in the back of the 2019 Ranger before we do that I do like the back tailgate area I like the way that they embossed Ranger across the back instead of just throwing on another emblem and like I pointed out at the start of the video metal bumpers both front and rear that is the only truck in.

The mid sized segments that have front and rear metal bumpers I like the chrome treatment to the handle here and with the badge we're gonna lower it I wish that they would add that softer dampening to lower the tailgate and as you can see there's no addition of a step but I'm gonna go ahead and swing on in great size for a midsize truck of this particular grade you have some.

Metal tie-down hooks which is really wonderful that's gonna help you strap down things that are in the back of the truck this is a manual sliding window does have the rear window defroster with a manual sliding window and of course you can get this option with a bedliner which this one does not have still a good amount of space does not have the.

Tow package which I that would definitely be something if I was getting a truck add that tow package to the truck but you know there's no interior lighting in the back of the bed but good size and really is just gonna fit well I think with the type of lifestyle that's somebody who wants a Ranger that would fit right in perfectly let's go ahead and check out the back of the f-150.

Alright guys tail end of the f-150 that XLT just like the Ranger 2 has Ford f-150 embossed across the back I like that less badging that's going to get knocked off or banged off another I just want to point out as well is that you have the finished chrome tip I like that connection it looks like a finished product it looks like somebody didn't.

Forget what they were doing when you drop the back still get this level trim there's not that nice soft dampening tailgate release this one you kind of have to let down also does not have the optional step so to get into the back of the f-150 you're going to have to swing it on up but you can see great size this is why the Ford f-150 is a leader in this segment of trucks you're gonna have.

Interior lighting this one does have the truck package you have interior lighting which is really nice that you operate using this button over here you have some tie-down hooks my only complaint is is I wish that it had more of these hooks there's only two at the front and two at the rear and then these that you see are plastic so I'm not so sure if I'm gonna take a come-along strap and.

Really tighten that down just at the risk of a breaking those but I do like the way that there's two at the front into the rear I just wish there was a little bit more because if you look at some of the competitors like the Silverado you're gonna see a lot more to that but let's go ahead you've seen the inside of the bed let's go check out underneath the hoods of these two Ford.

Trucks alright guys we got the hood popped on these Ford trucks let's start with the new kid on the block the Ranger underneath the hood first of all I just want to point out both of these hoods have hood struts so that definitely thumbs up from radies rides to Ford but there is that 2.3 liter inline-4 turbocharged engine that's that EcoBoost motor now I know a lot of you have heard.

About that engine in the Ford Focus RS in the Mustang even though it's the same displacement a lot of changes a different turbo different intercooler and a tune that is perfect for truck driving so like I said 270 horsepower 310 foot-pounds of torque and it's made it to that really slick shifting 10 speed automatic transmission let's go ahead and check out the bigger brother.

Before we do though you're looking at 23 miles per gallon in the city so that's really good for a midsize truck when we go over to the full-size there's that 2.7 liter V six that's also a ecoboost you have twin turbochargers you're putting out 325 horsepower it's made it to the tennspeed and it's going powers going to the rear wheels through 355 gears what's.

Wonderful about this truck is remembered you're going to get pretty decent fuel economy even though it's a full-sized nineteen in the city 24 on the highway the curb weight of this truck is four thousand three hundred and forty three pounds that compared to the Ranger remember with the Ranger it was right around 40 100 pounds but you could see I like the way the engine sits very low in.

The chassis to help with handling and stability let's go ahead and fire both of these boards up alright guys we're inside the 2019 for Draenor XLT come on in let's check out the door panels so I'm gonna Zonk the door panel because there's a little bit too much black going on there is a softer leatherette type material on the.

Armrest is nice but then they use a cloth on the back portion of the door which doesn't it's not a cohesive look to it so I would like to see the same material on the back portion as well that's on the armrest but I do like the use of the silver and the silver door handle there that's the only way that they're breaking up the sea of black plastic when you transition in it gets.

Much better I like the material that they used here this lighter gray color it's got the name Ranger embossed in it the dash is a harder material just like on the top of the door usually it would get a little softer here it does not on the XLT trim I do like the addition of the silver around the air vents and then there's that sink system which I've used this a lot in all my reviews here at.

Walker Ford so easy to go through you got dual climate control very easy to navigate through the screen very quick acting works really well as we transition this is where Ford loses me a little bit it's a little bit too much dark black plastic here I wish they would have took some of the trim around the vents for the AC and at least framed this whole system but you have your AC.

Controls and you have your radio controls all in one section it's a little kind of a little crowded but once you get used to driving this I think it'll be a piece of cake plus you can do all your AC controls right here on the infotainment screen what I do like is I like this little dip down where you could put your phone you have two USB Jack's down here which is a wonderful.

Thing to see and then you also have two 12 volts which is also nice this area is another area where you get more of that hard black plastic a little bit of trim from the AC vents around the shifter this is what's going to control that 10 speed automatic transmission to simple cupholders and then a very nice we padded armrest that actually has a lot of room in there so very very deep.

Even though this is a smaller truck and then the good old fashioned regular ebrake which is nice the seats seats are comfortable they are cloth this is the XLT trim if you want leather you got to go the lariat route but I like the material I like the contrast stitching and I like the design it's actually for a cloth seat when you first open up the door it.

Looks like it's leather but it's very very comfortable I'm 6 feet tall plenty of headroom in here I like the way it's lighter on the headliner that really breaks up to see a darkness in here why don't you come on over to the driver's side and I'll show you the business end behind the wheel come on check it out all right guys here we are behind the wheel of the 2019 Ranger you can see.

That at this trim level you do get some electrical assistance when wanting to contour the seat to your body seating positions great I like the steering wheel the steering wheel has a nice padding to it which really makes it nice to hold on to especially for those longer drives when you look at the gauge instrumentation layout easy to read tach easy to read speedometer in the center.

You have a digital display which you could go through through different modes of your fuel range the your speedometer their trip timer all that kind of good stuff the information that you want very simple very easy to read overall I like the seating position in the Ranger and I'm telling you once we take it for a spin you'll see that this thing's got.

Some get up and go let's go ahead and check out the f-150 alright here we are guys inside the 2019 Ford f-150 XLT lots of room in here let's start with the door panels you can see at this trim level with the sport with the XLT you have some nice leatherette type material on the armrest and they give you it almost looks like a faux carbon-fiber look on the door panel I'm gonna Zonk it.

Because it really looks out of place on this truck and I wish some manufacturers would come up with some new materials but it is a little darker on the door just like on the Ranger but as you go up different trim levels that changes as transition on the - still harder plastic but a little bit of a different design where it's almost like the passenger and the driver are separated from the - very.

Very nice connectivity with the navigation remember that XLT did not have any navigation it had the sync system but no navigation if you're wondering MSRP MSRP the way this sits $47,000 MSRP on the Ranger XLT is $35,000 so you could see the difference and what you're getting with this trim package you do get the faux carbon-fiber on this nicely sliding door.

And inside there is a wonderful space for your phone to USB jacks I like on the f-150 s how they're a little bit more distinctive with their lines separating the AC controls from the radio controls but remember Ranger is a smaller truck so you would expect that to be a little bit tighter this one has the column shift that's gonna be working that 10 speed automatic transmission.

Great place for drinks and another electron device or your wallet and then you have this massive I mean it's almost like the Ranger could fit inside here this massive center console storage area and armrest nicely padded with the contrast stitching and then the seats I'm gonna Zonk the seats because I don't like the way they look they do fit you well and they are.

Comfortable but I don't like this like it's almost like a tire tread pattern that they got going on I wish they would have done what they did with the Ranger and they are power-assisted which is nice to see in this but with the Ford f-150 you know here's your power outlets remember up front you don't have a household outlet like you do here you have the 12-volt as well that you didn't.

Get that in the Ranger the Ranger head 2 to 12 volts but love the overall fit and feel in here why don't you come on over and I'll show you the business end behind the wheel the f-150 alright guys business and behind the wheel of the f-150 I love being behind the wheel of an f-150 I'll be honest with you I had a rental truck for a little while and it.

Was an f-150 it was a great experience lots of headroom I mean that's a no-brainer in a full-size truck like this one love the seating position remember you have those power seats just like in the Ranger which is really nice the steering wheel tilting telescoping what I love about the gauge layout is I love the way they have those auxilary gauges across the.

Top everything's analog and then in the center you have that nice information that you could toggle through with tire pressure you know you could go into your different display settings all that kind of stuff which is really nice on this truck if I'm going to Zonk it it's a little too much black going on here black headliner black armrests black.

Seats so I would like to lighten it up a little bit but when it comes to just the overall space there is plenty of space in the Ranger but this one definitely takes the cake let's check out where your passengers are gonna be sitting in both of these trucks all right guys backseat time in the Ranger remember I'm 6 feet tall 200 pounds this being a midsize truck it's a.

No brainer even though this is super Krewe it is a little cramped back here I do think it's smart the way that they put some cutouts in the backs of the seats because what I did was is I left the seat the driver's seat exactly where I would put it if I was driving so I have it further back obviously for my longer legs and to be honest with you I still got some you know room that I'll.

Be comfortable plenty of headroom and that's a big plus here's another big plus back here you got your 110 volt volt power outlet plus 2 USBS and a nice little shelf that's perfect if you're hauling around your kids or people that have their devices you don't want that stuff to go dead because then they're just gonna annoy the heck out of you you have a very comfortable armrest here.

That same Club mitts here and I like the way they brought the design of the front seats into the back seats two cupholders very easy to use and then another nice feature especially for somebody back here is you have the sliding rear window that's a nice touch you'll see that there's some differences back here compared to the f-150 let's go ahead and check it out alright guys here.

We are this is my apartment no just kidding this is the back seat of the f-150 but I'm telling you right now there's more space back here than in my on-campus apartment when I was in college lots of room I mean the seat I didn't move it forward what whatsoever you can see how much room you're going to get but remember this comes at a.

Where are you gonna park the truck if you want in your garage you better have a barn because that's the only place you're going to be able to fit this thing but I do like how they have nice pockets on the backs of the seats that's great for your kids to put their iPads or computers or laptops whatever they got great Center here two cupholders you got your super big gulp and your super.

Slurpee you got a 12-volt you got the 110 and you got two USBs Ford knew what the heck they were doing back here and double AC vents and plenty of leg room to just stretch back you don't have to worry about anybody trying to open up the room window because guess what it's powered you can open up the rear window from the driver's seat only thing I'm gonna Zonk.

Because I don't want to be too generous right we can't do that it's just dark it's just a lot of black in here sea of darkness I'm swimming through it but you know what there's a light at the end of the tunnel because we're taking these for a spin let's go get in them guys we're leaving Walker for we're gonna start off with the new kid in the block the 2019 Ford Ranger remember this one.

Is XLT trim right away I just love how easy it is to navigate this truck through the roads very easy and I know it some people I've said this before and I'm gonna say it again it almost feels like a mini sport utility vehicle and I'm not saying that enough dad way I'm actually saying that in a good way because I think for some people especially going into this Ranger is.

Going to be where they don't want that cumbersome larger truck and that is the the benefit of this and what's wonderful about the Ranger being a midsize truck is that even though it's smaller on the outside compared to the f-150 on the interior lots of room in here I mean I got Tom in here we got people in the back everybody is sitting so comfortably and.

The visibility is excellent even with two people in the back I'm able to look out the window and see very well controls everything within reach I love the sink system in the Fords such a snap to navigate through those the layout is great I just wish where the radio controls were I wish there was a little trim to break up the sea of dark black plastic.

That's my only gripe because even when you go the Lariat trim that see if dark plastic is there but the 2.3 liter that EcoBoost motor such a nice nice setup and as you can see you get on the loud pedal drops down 10 speed does its work smooth as can be very very nice the whole setup how they have that package and like I said it's not like they just stripped it out of the Mustang EcoBoost.

And threw it in the Ranger and everything has been tuned for the Ranger so it's got a different turbo different intercooler and different mapping which is nice because how you want the truck to drive is going to be different than how you want your EcoBoost Mustang or Ford Focus RS to operate but just the cabin is very quiet very spacious even on the backseat when I was.

Sitting back there there was still some room to be comfortable would I want to stay there for a whole day no but you know what they did a good job with the seat position and everything else and I think the biggest thing that I love is how you have that connectivity back there you have the USB ports and everything else to make sure that your passengers are taken care of when it.

Comes to their electronic devices especially if your passengers are kids that's where you don't want those electronic devices to die of anew but just navigating through this frontage road here piece of cake love the mirrors remember what's cool about the ranger is that you push this button right here and the mirrors will fold is rolling in the Ranger I'm gonna.

Go ahead and merge over here the tennspeed very slick shifting and it just works perfectly with that 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine member 270 horsepower if you're really gonna go on drag race your Ranger you're basically looking around 0 to 60 in around 6.5 seconds so it's actually quite peppy for the truck that weighs around 40 100 pounds let me go hang it.

On the loud pedal as I can change lanes here very easy to do in the ranger visibility is great I love the size of the side mirrors makes it a pleasure to see who's next year so that you can make the right move at exactly the right time seats are comfy like I pointed out earlier I love the pattern on the seat even though they're cloth very comfortable see very good looking see.

Over the expansion joints you don't feel a thing it's it's like sitting on a cloud but you don't feel floaty which is nice and I think that's what a lot of people that are going to get into the Ranger are gonna really enjoy with this truck is just the overall ride quality because it doesn't really write like a trunk which is I think gonna be beneficial for a lot of people in that.

Midsize truck segment and then at the end of the day Park in this thing is a breeze and you'll see when we get in the f-150 just the amount of size that it has you gotta be really on your game when you're park of that if you've never parked a large truck before all right guys let me go ahead and show you once again get on the gas drops down pulls right to redline which is really nice.

Smooth and it just gets up and goes and I really like that it's a no-nonsense transmission and I'm just so glad that Ford has decided to put it in the Ranger along with the f-150 and it just really works well also if you haven't been a new Mustang I know I've done some reviews already if you ever check those out check them out but even in the Mustang ten-speed makes that car rocket.

Fast really enjoyable I think one of my favorite parts about the Ranger when it comes to the engine and transmission setup is that that's it that's the one choice and I think it really is so versatile and flexible that no matter what you're doing with this Ranger it's going to work perfectly for you some of the other brands we mentioned too much about them but they.

Do give you choices but I really think the reason why they give you choices is because they didn't get it right with just one engine and I think that's really where Ford has a little sweet spot with the EcoBoost let me go ahead and I'm gonna pitch it into this left-hand bending here just to see what it feels like in a turn very nice very controllable very stable as we roll.

Through here I'm gonna roll on the throttle transmission knows I want to go and that's what we're doing I like the way that like we showed you earlier in the center of the tachometer and the speedometer you have that nice digital display right now I have it showing the speed that we're doing easy-to-read gauges are great seating position you could get this thing to fit.

Your body perfectly just like a glove and I really think that driving around I'll be honest people are looking I think the shadow black with the wheels that this one has those 18-inch wheels really pops and it's really just a good-looking truck once again let's go ahead and brakes are nice I'm telling you this this truck doesn't drive like a truck and I mean that in the best way.

Possible when you get on the highway and go just press down on the gas pedal it's great wonderful experience driving this Ranger I'm very excited to go back to back as remember this is that first back-to-back comparison between the Ranger and the f-150 so we're going to go ahead and make our way back to Walker forward and we're gonna do a little swap maybe drop.

Some people off maybe pick some people up and we'll be right back switched we're in the f-150 XLT just like the Ranger immediately you know you just feel like you're sitting on your lazy boy at home it's very comfortable lots of room and just very very smooth just like the Ranger that's what I like is that with the four trucks that are.

Very smooth the cabin is air tight I feel like we could actually go underwater like a submarine and be just fine that no water is coming in because that's how airtight this thing is but I like the display of all the instrumentation like I pointed out earlier the one thing that's just holding me back a little bit just a lot of dark there's a lot of darkness in.

Here I need a flashlight because a lot of the materials just it's either black or it's a darker gray and I just wish they would have just went a little bit lighter with some of the touches just to brighten it up especially on the instrumentation would have been nice to have some lighter silver in there just to break it up but for overall comfort I mean there's nothing like an f-150 we.

Could you know for ourselves saying hey in the Ranger you have just as much room but that's not the case but remember the space inside comes at a price outside so when you're driving this vehicle you got to be a little bit more mindful because there is a little bit more heft there is a little bit more size with height length the whole shebang so that's something just to be aware of especially.

When you're parking it and I know if you take the f-150 and say you got to go in an airport you're going for a trip and you need to live the truck there some parking garages those spots are tough with the f-150 whereas with the Ranger it's gonna be a piece of cake that 2.7 liter EcoBoost engine remember twin turbocharged pumping out 325 horsepower wonderful set up nice and.

Smooth that's the great thing that I love about not only the engine but the 10 speed automatic transmission it's just crazy how it's the same gearbox they changed the bell housing and all that good stuff but still that same setup visibility in an f-150 you are sitting on top of a tower I mean there's great visibility forward-backward side to side love the overall feel inside the.

F-150 and it has you know the air is blowing nice now I would like to see obviously cooled seats you have the heated seats but remember we're at XLT trim with that Sport Package you can take this we've done the video to prove it take it all the way to limited remember for 2019 the limited comes with the Raptor engine and what I mean by that is you're getting all 450.

Horsepower out of the 3.5 this one is smaller 2.7 but with the tow package and whatnot it'll still get the job done give you some good fuel economy you're looking around in the city about 19 miles a gallon in the city so yes you still have the option of the 5 liter the 302 but you know this could be something that if you've not been in an EcoBoost.

Powered f150 yet definitely get down to Walker Ford I think it's going to surprise you I know it surprised me guys been a wonderful day here at Walker Ford definitely going to give a huge thank you to Frank Walker Western Walker tracyben G Mark Austin Jason Denis Greg everybody here is such a rady's rides fan and I'm so grateful for the support hopefully this shed a little bit more.

Light even though both of these are black shadow black hopefully they shed a little bit more light on the Ranger f-150 comparison if these are the types of things you like to see on readies ride leave a come in that comment section if you're just swinging by and you're on your way out that door hit that subscribe button I promise you you want to come back for more if you are.

Subscribers thank you for being part of the radius ride family it's so great to be on this journey together check out all my different forms of social media you knew what you know exactly what they're called already's rides original content you want some merch there's a link right in the bottom of this video in the description takes you right to Spreadshirt and then we can't forget he.

Won an award at Daytona I think he's going to win another award coming up at his next powerlifting competition big guns McGee Tom motion working the camera not only one truck two trucks next time we're going for three Tom so get ready for that and just like always guys I'll see you on the next ride

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