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2019 Toyota Avalon Touring – Not Your Grandpa's Car Anymore

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Опубликовано: 2018-04-23T11:00:03.000Z

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After years of being known as the vehicle of choice for drivers over the age of 60. Toyota rejuvenates the 2019 Avalon with a youthful flair to include a polarizing new design, a stiffer structure courtesy of TNGA, a sport tuned exhaust system [on Touring trims], and dynamic new handling abilities. The gas V6 engine has also been energized to deliver over 300 horses with a new 8-speed transmission delivering power to the front wheels. The result is a driving experience that no other Avalon has had in the past and it should easily attract some new clients into the Avalon portfolio.

As Americans continue to buy SUVs by the truckload one particular segment of vehicle that has seen a huge decline in sales are full-size sedans despite this market shift Toyota still believes in the Avalon which is why they're giving the fit generation model a full redo for 2019 today they flew me out to an area just outside of San Diego known as Del Mar California and I'm.

Testing out this all-new version they're promising it's lower it's wider it's sleeker it's a hell of a lot more fun to drive so our claim is true that's what we're here to find out so back in January when I first showed.

You guys the all-new Avalon in Detroit I was very very shocked with the actual design the grille is definitely a lot to take in when you first look at this car and first seeing it out in person here out in the real world I have to say it looks a lot better in certain colors this Ruby flare metallic one that this one particularly is I think looks really handsome the white car really just kind.

Of shouted it was I called it a gaping black hole of grille and it still is to me honestly but I think what really just makes this thing super aggressive is the fact that Toyota connected this top portion of the grille to this lower portion this touring trim is similar to the XS II where it gives you this blacked-out finish with the mesh inserts it's definitely a lot to take in the.

Grille the front of this car is basically all grille there's like a little bit of a bumper here despite that the design certainly is different and I think it's important for sedans to stand out like this Toyota has made LED headlights as standard Toyota also says this is the company's most advanced LEDs they have a dynamic turn signal in them they're full LEDs the.

Turn signals are also LEDs itself no fog lights on the actual lower part of the fascia Apple on doesn't have it like the Corolla but I'll have to actually drive one at night to determine that over here you can see this one has the 360 camera so it has a camera here this is where the radar sensor goes for the adaptive cruise control it's stop and go and really when you look at this car from.

The front you can really see that it's a much lower and wider car Toyota did that because they've switched it over to the TNG a platform that's on the new Camry which is why the car was much lower to the ground and much wider now Avalon's will range in wheel sizes from a 17 up to a 19-inch wheel there's touring trim that I'm showing you it has the 19-inch wheel on - 35 40 40 series rubber I.

Think they look great I like the blacked-out finish with the machine it really makes this car look a lot more aggressive now compared to the old Avalon Toyota has stretched the wheelbase by 2 inches they actually said that they kept the overall lengths roughly the same its wheelbase is about 113 inches long its overall length is just a tad under 196 inches long which.

Makes this about three inches longer than the Camry than a comparable Camry so this is still Toyota's flagship it's a little bigger than a Camry and at the rear I think the design is very successful I think they really made this car stand out in the rear I like the blacked-out spoiler that you get on the X se in the touring trim with these sync when shield I Namek LED turn signals.

With LED tail lights the touring and xse trim also give you a quad exhaust and one thing the Toyota actually mentioned here is the Touring model has its own performance tuned exhaust so the sound is a lot deeper than what you get in the other trims which is you know really nice and making this car you know backup that sporty look that it really gives you now the Avalon is still a.

Conventional sedan so when you open up the trunk so when you finally find the trunk release which Toyota likes to put to the side this is not a power opening trunk they have to reserve something for Lexus Toyota actually was able to increase the trunk size now obviously it still has a conventional trunk it measures 16 cubic feet on the gas or the hybrid because Toyota relocated the.

Hybrid batteries from in between the seat back and the trunk to underneath the seat they were able to give you that space they also fold down 60/40 on either model and also one thing I'm gonna notice here Toyota still gives this car a temporary spare tire which is definitely nice you don't have to deal with a fixed clutch kit but overall the trunk space is a little bit bigger than.

Camry I believe like an inch or cubic foot bigger and bigger so it's definitely a plus when you guys buy an actual bigger sedan so being the flagship model of the Toyota lineup all Avalon's will come standard with a company smart key access system with push-button start you can see this is the new key fob that I've shown you on the new Camry this particular one that.

I've switched to is actually a hybrid limited so it has a blue badge in the Toyota key there's no actually remote start that you can access through the key fob instead you have to use the Toyota Entune app and access it through your phone or you can also turn on through your watch what the app which is pretty cool but nevertheless when you want to approach the Avalon you're gonna.

Look at the door handle here and you're gonna see there's a little double Ridge portion here just tap your finger there with the key fob on you it will lock the doors to unlock it there's a sensor on the back of the handle just touch the back of the handle here and that unlocks the door for you know I switch to this particular one because it has a new interior color option this is known as.

Cognac leather it's on the limited trim the limited trim also kind of gives you these different diamond quilted stitching in the seats and in the door panels along with the real wood shrim it looks very nice the dual colors on the steering wheel is certainly an interesting touch especially on the dash it looked a lot better than the black interior that you get on the Touring.

Which has the Alcantara this kind of just has a more luxury car look unfortunately Toyota doesn't offer a red leather on the Avalon like they do on the Camry so that's an interesting omission although I'm guessing they least offered something like this with the bright colors if you guys want the red leather you're gonna have to go to Camry now when you step inside the.

Interior of the new Avalon you'll notice immediately that it's it's a lot lower than its predecessor similar to the Camry it has a nice low feeling that the door opening is big so it's easy to get in and out of this vehicle at least now when you shut the door it sounds nice and solid this platform is an all-new platform as I said before it's a really good platform now just start the vehicle.

Op all we have to do is keep the key fob in the vehicle and then put your foot on the brake push this button here to fire up the engine now of course the hybrid model doesn't actually have a starter noise instead it just turns on and says ready in that little portion right there in the display that's replacing the tach with a power meter and then you still get that same seven-inch LCD display.

Which is definitely nice the rest of this interior here has definitely been upgraded from the previous generation it doesn't really feel too much like it's stepping on the toes of Lexus in here although it is a nice interior I do feel that whenever the new Lexus ES comes that it'll definitely trump this but you can see here there's some really nice soft leather here on the dash with some.

Real stitching there's some soft touch materials here on this upper portion it has more of that matte finished wood grain this is real wood which is nice the limited are the Tauranga models will give you real aluminum trim instead the glove cart the glovebox door here is hard touch plastic but that's okay when you look at the door panels right here you're also gonna see that it has soft.

Touch materials with more of that wood you'll have an aluminum accented door handle more soft stitching right here another nice little pocket to put your phone more of that diamond quilted leather which is nice the windows are OneTouch for all four I very much expected that in this car so that's good that they included that now the gauges here they're lifted straight off of the.

Camry for the most part this one being the camry hybrid with the big helper screen you can adjust it from the little controls here on the steering wheel or you can change you know whatever different modes you want to see your audio you have your trip computer your energy monitor on this one you can turn off the driver assistance aides the steering wheel itself is electric I do.

Like the fact that it has really nice feeling leather this particular one has two-tone colors which is differently nice the center stack here the first thing I want to first talk about is the fact that Toyota is finally added apple carplay to this vehicle now if you want to plug in your phone right here on this little compartment this is the only port that allows for apple carplay.

Compatibility when you plug it into that actual compartment the apple carplay will first you'll have to accept on your phone but once you do that it shows up right there in the home screen which is nice just tap it and voila we finally have apple carplay on a Toyota thank God unfortunately Android auto users you're out of luck because Toyota still doesn't offer Android auto they said they're.

Still working on it so it's not like it's it's not like they said they won't offer it but for now only apple carplay they also offer Amazon Alexa which is nice if you guys want to use any of the Alexa commands that are in your actual home the screen itself is a bigger screen versus other Toyota products this is a 9 inch display it's part of the Entune 3.0 system it works nice this is.

The home screen you can customize of course I have audio information there phone and then your navigation this one being the limited has the embedded factory navigation if you guys don't want this it will be optional on the other trim as I believe most people honestly will probably just end up using the apple carplay the Apple maps it'll be nice to Swint iota or other brands.

Finally start offering ways now when you go to the audio sources here you can see if you want to just go to satellite radio here the layouts actually been kind of redone I really like the way to this the presets are laid out and the screen itself is pretty nice the glass is nice and clear and I also like how Toyota didn't really go with that you know tablet style screen although it is.

Somewhat like a tablet style screen but it's kind of more integrated into the dash I imagine a lot of buyers are gonna really like that down here you can see obviously your air vents the limited and the Touring models will give you heated and cooled seats which is nice you have dual zone climate control which is good you have nice storage down here where it's actually nice and soft padded where.

You're gonna put your phone or something like that so that's really cool two cupholders here all your different drive modes are here Eco normal sport the touring model gives you a Sport Plus setting along with paddle shifters on the wheel which this one doesn't give you like for touring does the center console here is a good size you have two USB port.

In there it's nice and felt lined it's a pretty you know good amount of storage above you all but the xle trims will come with a standard size sunroof and then these seats are really nice I like how comfortable they are I like how supportive they are the difference with the XS II and the Touring is they give you like the Alcantara inserts which are also nice but love the fact that these.

Are more comfortable than what you get in the camry i mean overall this interiors certainly befitting on the flagship it feels nicer than the camry although I do wish they offered the red leather and I think the Toyota did a really good job with making this simple and easy to use you're just gonna get in know how to use it so as expected the rear seat of the Avalon is definitely.

Larger than the Camrys I mean when they stretch the wheelbase by two inches compared to the Camry they basically put it all in the second row here and the legroom is plentiful I mean this is where I had the seat to drive and I have to say this is full-size sedan accommodations is what I'm expecting for a vehicle like this there's plenty of legroom there is a hump right here that.

Takes up space but there's a good foot space underneath here I mean I could easily cross my legs and get comfortable back here now in terms of the features in the rear seat I complained about that in the camry now the materials back here are soft touch plastic which is nice you have one touch windows up and down in the rear you have heated rear seats although they are just one level most.

Competitors would probably give you two levels no cool seats you have two USB ports back here which are the 2.1 quick charge amps you have we receive vents you fold down this little armrest here you have an armrest here with a little bit more storage no additional storage here but I mean the rear seat area is a pretty nice place to spend time the one thing I am noticing Toyota this does not.

Offer a paino sunroof on the Avalon you can get that on camera and the red leather option that you can get on the camry is not available in this card instead they offer black gray beige and then a cognac brown kind of been going with this is more of like a luxury car themed but overall with the Alcantara the seat bench itself it's a really nice place to spend time in the backseat.

so under the hood of the all-new Avalon you're also going to see some changes now most people are probably gonna buy the gas model which it still comes standard with a v6 so if you don't want any turbo for go for the Avalon it's the same v6 in the new Camry the 3.5 liter gasoline and port direct injected force or v6 with 24 valves it has their.

Variable valve timing system it makes the same power 301 horsepower which represents a 31 horsepower increase versus the previous generation and about 267 pound feet of torque it makes it the most powerful Avalon the Toyotas ever offered so it's definitely something to get excited about we know this car is still front-wheel drive the 6-speed transmission has been replaced with an.

8-speed Auto and that has improved the fuel economy you're looking at 20 to 32 if you guys go for the base xle the other trims the higher trims would be 19 inch or 18 inch wheels lower the fuel economy to 22 31 so 25 miles proton combined this I believe still runs on regular you may have to put premium in it as a recommended option but other than that you know with 300 horsepower.

Going to the front wheels it should make for a fun vehicle the other option is a hybrid which is like the 2.5 dynamic force engine like the Camry that makes 215 horsepower combined which is a 15 horsepower increase and that gets 44 43 mpg depending on the trim those still have a nickel metal hydride battery but I'm gonna focus primarily on the gas v6 let's get on the.

Road and see how it performs so this touring model that I'm driving has its own sport-tuned exhaust and when you first start it up you hear it immediately it sounds really good actually I'm kind of unexpected so that's the first indication the toit is really trying to make this car less of an old-person car so let's it off in the all-new avalon now I've had plenty of.

Experience driving the new camry and this is the same platform it's a little bit bigger I'm first noticing that it sits a little bit or it feels a little bit wider the driver's seat is also a lot more comfortable it's just a lot softer I like the suede Alcantara I like the fact that these are cooled seats which is nice and you really just noticed how much more planted the new.

Avalon feels let's get it out in this curvy mountain road here just outside of San Diego and see how it actually forms so this thing is still front-wheel drive and as you guys saw there it has a tendency to have some wheel spin and I also felt a little bit of torque steer this cars has 301 horsepower at 267.

Pounds of torque it could use all-wheel drive so I'm a little surprised that I didn't actually put all-wheel-drive in it but it's got a new 8-speed automatic transmission and when you have it in in Sport Plus mode and floor here okay it's pretty responsive and it's really smooth this car just has a lot of effortless power just like the v6 Camry it doesn't really wait terribly more.

This one weighs around 3,700 pounds like a hundred pounds more than a Camry so I don't really feel the additional weight it accelerates just fine this is gonna be plenty of power for most people it'll keep up with things like a Maxima which is this cars main competitor or something like a Chevy Impala but full-size sedans they've really their sales of tanked in recent years.

Even Toyota's Avalon hasn't been saved from that but one thing I really like about this car is they've really upped the sporty factor of it I mean just going down the road it's got an adaptive variable suspension which is a Toyota first and you can feel that the ride quality changes a lot in sport and sport plus setting I mean before you wouldn't even think to attack corners in an.

Avalon they were always just really cushy they were really soft the steering was numb and one thing that Toyota's done is when you have it in its Sport Plus mode the steering gets heavier so they've kind of added that heft there in terms of the road feel it's not really there but it's precise enough I mean it's gonna really surprise you Avalon's have never really driven this.

Well so Toyota's could've done a good job of making this thing feel a lot more youthful a lot more playful there's no performance data to get on this car but it feels like it would probably get to 60 in around six seconds very similar to a Camry it just makes a really nice sound that exhaust is surprising and you know there they are kind of pumping it a little bit.

Of artificial noise or amplifying the engine sound but who really cares it sounds really good now this car does also come with paddle shifters and I am actually pretty disappointed with the paddles they do a decent job of rev matching when you downshift but then when you're pulling them on an upshift they don't respond quick enough I pull the paddle and then I can literally.

Count like another second before it actually does shift gears and also what kind of shift gears automatically for you at times so that's kind of annoying but again this is still more of a family though premium car as opposed to like an all-out sports and it may look very sporty on the outside but it's not a full-on sports sedan that's they have to save something for Lexus right but in.

Terms of the ride quality it's good even then it's firm a setting it's comfortable it's really quiet in here I was on these same roads in the Corolla hatchback which you guys will see a review of next week in that car just a lot louder so I mean you can really feel this as a step above the visibility in here is also good it's got a nice low hood big side mirrors and a good view of.

The back I really like this Flint frameless rear view mirror it just makes it look a lot classier this car comes with the full suite of driver assistance tech of course Toyota's safety sense P is standard on all trims although this is not the Toyota safety sense 2.0 the Corolla hatch is the first models to get that the next one will be the rav4 where it adds like active Lane trace Assist.

Where it actually will actively steer you this has the Lane Departure alert with the steering assist that annoyingly beeps which the new Corolla also will do but I just wish the Toyota had put the 2.0 system my my guess is it wasn't quite ready when this car launched to remember this launched about three months before the new Corolla hatch which you guys will see a review on soon.

But I mean overall they driving dynamics of this car are really Pleasant it's sporty it just feels like a more plush and premium Camry the cooled seats are nice their memory seats I just wish that Toyota I'd offered the panel sunroof on this car because it would have really brightened up this interior although if you don't get the all black one like this one you can get one with a lighter.

Color interior and it'll also just add a little more of a premium ambience so that was my first time flooring it from a stop and the first time I did it I turn I left the traction troll on this time I turn it off and you guys heard it has plenty of wheel spin and the steering was kind of tugging at you I.

Don't remember the Camry v6 having this much torque steer so I'm a little surprised Toyota really needs to consider adding all-wheel drive I think that'll definitely help a lot of buyers stick with a full-size sedan like this because everybody just likes that the traction the confidence you got with all-wheel drive it just really helps with.

Acceleration and if you guys live in foul weather states where you've experienced a lot of snow but I mean as as is you know the front-wheel drive model is fine if you guys don't deal with the kind of weather conditions but you know it definitely would help with putting the power down because this is a great v6 it sounds great it makes over 300 horsepower it has a smooth 8-speed.

Automatic I mean if you guys don't like turbos this has just that nice linear power delivery it's and makes really great noises the fuel economy I can't really comment on because this is just a media drive I'm only driving at first short periods but I mean twenty to thirty one from the EPA it's matching that at the Camry it's really good gas mileage so I mean as a family car this.

Still excels it has plenty of space although I will say the front seats don't feel any roomier than a Camry the back seats however do have a lot more space which is definitely nice if you're gonna be buying a vehicle in this segment but if I was gonna choose something like this when I pick it over like a maxima or 300 it's really hard to say because I'd have to drive those cars.

Back to back but the Toyota Avalon is no longer the old man car of the just release of the segment it definitely has a much more sporty or hard-edged feel that a lot of buyers a lot of younger buyers are going to like four years Toyota's Avalon has been dealing with the stigma of being an old person car this is literally known as the Japanese Buick Toyota tried to rectify that with.

The fourth generation in 2013 but really it wasn't until they've moved the Avalon to the T ng a platform where they've really changed the driving dynamics and the style of this cars you guys saw from the test-drive it drives and handles a lot like the current Camry v6 only feeling slightly wider but having a really planted feel that adaptive variable suspension gives the Avalon a.

Nice taut ride but pretty predictable yet confident handling something that the Avalon has honestly never had if you guys can get past the crazy styling and that gaping grille the rest of the Avalon's design is also pretty distinct if it really gives this car a much more modern much more sleek and sophisticated design that's very lexus.

Like especially from the rear where as I said before it looks exactly like a Lexus GS so with all that said what's it gonna cost to put a new Toyota Avalon in your driveway well the old models started at around 30 $3,500 this one is about 2 grand more it starts at 35 5 however Toyota says what they've done is they've taken the equipment from the xle plus of the old trim and made a standard.

For this trim so really the price difference is only 250 dollars now from there on a hybrid model will cost you about $1,000 more which is again pretty inexpensive this particular one that I'm driving is the new top-of-the-line Touring trim it stacks above the limited which is different versus last year's model and this one starts at 40 $2,800 about $300 more than a limited trim I.

Think it's a pretty good price it basically comes standard with everything the only option you have is that advanced safety tech package that gives you the 360 view camera and some other nice ease in there which I didn't have final pricing on yet but after spending the day driving this new vehicle I'm happy to report that in terms of full-size sedans it really is a new.

Benchmark that other manufacturers you have to reach which is strange because a lot of people are still trying away from these last year Toyota sold a little over 30,000 units at their peak they moved around 70,000 units back in 2013 so we'll have to see what Toyota ends up doing when this new one does go on sale your local dealerships starting in May of 2018 but I hope you guys have enjoyed.

My full overview on this 2018 Toyota Avalon touring if you're also looking to see these cars I'm testing make sure you follow me on instagram at red line underscore reviews like us on facebook and as always guys keep subscribed to the red line of youtube channel for all the latest reviews thanks so much for watching I'll catch you all in the next video.

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