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2019 BMW 3 Series (ENG) - Test Drive and Review

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Опубликовано: 2019-03-15T14:00:03.000Z

Продолжительность: 00:14:50

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2019 BMW 3 Series G20 has new driver aids, a few extra horsepower, new infotainment system. If not for the fact the seventh generation BMW 3 Series is 7.6 cm longer, 1.5 cm wider, and has over 4 cm longwer wheelbase than the F30 generation, at first glance one could assume this is a facelift. Inside the driver is greeted by Live Cockpit - the new digital instrument cluster. There is also a new infotainment system with a configurable screen. The test car is a BMW 330i, which today is no longer a 3-litre inline six, but a 4-cylinder inline four with a Twin-Scroll turbocharger.
Starting price: 38 000 euro
As tested: 66 000 euro
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Mute driver aids a few extra horses under the bonnet new infotainment system sounds like a facelift doesn't it well it's not this is the new seventh generation BMW 3-series before we get to the big changes take a look at the car and tell me if you can see any real differences it took me a while to realize this is definitely the new generation although several f33 Series.

Drivers stared at the g20 as if this was Heidi Klum I'm sure there are German supermodels born after 1990 but I don't seem to know any anyway having studied the f30 and g20 pictures I noticed the new generation has a bonnet ending slightly higher less slanted also the front overhang seems shorter at least to the eye and there's a bit more space between the front wheel and the doors.

From the side gone is the muscular shoulder line or whatever BMW liked to call it instead there is a crease on the bottom originating from what looks like air outlets which first appeared in the f34 Gran Turismo and which were faked in the g15 8 series behind the rear doors there is a plastic element which extends them.

Optically as a result the designers pulled the roof line a bit further back also the boot lid now Falls towards the back but ends in a perky spoiler but there is more to the new 3-series than just optical changes the 7th generation is seven and a half centimetres longer than the sixth it's also one point five centimeters wider and the wheelbase is over four centimetres longer so is there.

Any more leg room in the back apparently there is 11 millimeters more so it's still quite cramped back here however I can charge two devices from these USB C port middle part of the backrest folds so you can carry not only two passengers in the back but also some skis unfortunately in order to fold the rest of the backrest you have to go to the boot okay so we.

Open the boot electrically which is an option and excellent there are levers to fold the back rests but the back rests are not spring-loaded so what do I need to do I need to go back and fold them is this a BMW or a Mazda 6 there is one shopping bag hook here and a 12 volt socket as well there are also two cubbies on the sides which are acquired useful the boot still has 480.

Litres volume but this time it's in one piece rather than with underfloor storage like it was in the previous generation this time there is no underfloor storage but there is a substantial load lip and the boot opening is not very big it's not as small as an alfa romeo giulia but be careful with your suitcases so you don't scratch the bumper.

The biggest changes are visible in the front of the cabin where we get virtual cockpit live cockpit in BMW parlance and a new display with the BMW operating system 7.0 I talked in length about the live cockpit experience in my BMW x5 review which you can watch later clicking the link in the description below or in the upper right corner of the screen.

Long story short you can customize your home screen and several other screens to display whatever widgets you want depending on the infotainment system version in the market you may get features like voice commands still no Android outer though you can also configure the virtual dials although not as much as the center display certain things always have to be visible but.

Some can be shown or not depending on the drivers preferences for example I like to see the map and the trip computer navigation directions also appear on the head-up display which is now even larger I know some people don't like HUD s I love them especially when I get clear lane directions also BMW refreshed the center console which contains buttons which you probably know.

By now if you've driven BMWs in the last couple of years and there is the iDrive wheel to control what's going on on the touchscreen because this is a touchscreen and this is a control wheel so you have two ways of controlling it but otherwise nothing to see here let's go this is a 330i this no longer means a three litre inline-six but a two litre.

Inline-four with a twin-scroll turbocharger twin-scroll solves the problem of uneven exhaust gas flow at the same time it is smaller and lighter than two turbos current BMW 330i has 258 horsepower and 400 meters of torque this is just six horsepower more than the previous generation but 50 Newton meters more two generations ago 330i with an inline six head between 258 and 272.

Horsepower but only between 300 and 320 Newton meters sure g20 is much larger than the e90 but they both weigh around 1500 kilograms depending on the engine and spec seventh-generation is up to 50 kilograms lighter than the 6th so we have similar power and weight but the engine is more flexible it takes the 330i just five point eight seconds to.

Get from 0 to 100 km/h but more importantly the car is eager to accelerate almost at any speed so I'm doing a speed and I can do more oh yes let's slow down to something a bit more reasonable now when I'm not doing speeds like that and when I'm not accelerating like that this car can also.

Be very economical now I did a 700 kilometer road trip over the last weekend 350 one-way 350 the other way and I averaged around seven and a half liters per 100 kilometres which would be 37 mpg Imperial now it was driving on a motorway with the cruise control set to 130 km/h 10 below the legal speed on motorways in Poland we can drive 140 which makes our motorways the fastest.

After Germany where you have the sort of unrestricted bits but never mind anyway my best result on the other day on the second day was 6.1 which is 46 mpg Imperial and the difference is probably caused by strong winds during these days so one day I could have been driving with the headwind wind and the other one well with crosswind or something anyway according to WL T P this car the 330 I.

Should do 6 litres per 100 kilometres combined and 7 litres in the city which will not happen I would conservatively say 9:00 to 10:00 in the city if you drive it like Miss Daisy well not you drive midst this is not mrs. Daisy this is you know what I mean and how is the new BMW 3-series to drive here I need to go back to my f31 review where I mentioned steering vagueness.

Around the central position there is a lot of chatter about this lightness and lack of feel and BMW forums unofficial sources such as the BMW knows about the problem and it goes beyond previous generation 3-series anyway in this car the steering is like it should be in a BMW it's quick its precise it's well weighed when I turn the wheel I feel in driving a sports sedan not a cart for a.

Rep at the start of his career this test car is an M Sport version which includes among others Sport gearbox adaptive sport M suspension sport brakes and adaptive sport M steering we discuss the searing earlier so let's talk your box it shifts gears very quickly and at the right moment even if I'm an eco pro mode I never had the situation which sometimes happens in.

Other cars when I press the gas pedal and I have to wait ages for the computer to decide it may be time to downshift BMW knows the accelerator means go now adaptive M Sport Suspension adapts as the name would suggest to driving style and road conditions it can also use data from sat-nav to prepare for a turn well that's the theory in real life most of the time suspension evens out bumps.

Nicely however as the surface gets rougher you can hear this unpleasant thumping from the suspension which is typical for adaptive dampers best test drive normal and M Sport Suspension cars before you decide which one is better suited to your needs and don't forget to test drive this car on some twisty roads BMW 3-series can be really rewarding of course it's really rewarding as a sport.

Sedan it's always been except for the previous generation which wasn't but never mind as you take the corners and you may take them with a bit too much zeal let's say you will feel the rear axle just work with you slightly just like doest Adam Adam it's like you're driving an mx-5 or maybe it's like you're eating a chocolate mousse and at the same time you're being slightly.

Tickled with a feather behind your ear and it's just it's rupture and joy and oh I would like some chocolate mousse now skip the feather and celery and whatever and should something jump in front of the car the brakes bite from the very top it's exactly the opposite of how brakes worked in the too serious a few years back over there the pedal just.

Fell deep down and then braking started here from the top now you can call people like me grouches because I get to drive expensive cars and then complain about them but thanks to complaints from the media and later also from the clients some car manufacturers can learn lessons and improve their product and BMW is one of those manufacturers what else visibility.

Is good sound installation is good there is a bit of sporty exhaust sound when you start the car and then the sound symposia does its thing inside but outside there's not much to hear and since this is a new BMW it has some new driver aids this test car not only warns about cars in the blind spot but also tries to prevent me from cutting in I've seen this before in the Audi a6 there is.

Also a system which helps you drive in traffic the car will not only stop but also get moving on its own within 30 seconds from stopping it observes not just a car directly in front but also the one further in front that's why the radar is mounted so low octave Lane Assist is a bit too aggressive for my liking but adaptive cruise control works like it should this.

Means when I turn on the indicator the car will delay braking before the car in front and this means I won't be changing lanes while braking which would block the people going on the fast lane like it happens with Mazda 6 there is also a system to assist reversing BMW remembers the last 50 meters when the car drives below 36 km/h it can reverse along the same route it's useful when you end up.

In a narrow cooler sack although I guess if you drive a car you should be able to maneuver on your own BMW 3-series prices start at around 38,000 euro for a 2-liter diesel the least powerful Diesel's can be had with manual gearboxes besides the diesel and the petrol there is also going to be a Phe V version soon.

The 330 I I tested for you here starts at 44,000 750 euro with options this test car costs around 66 thousand a couple of months ago I said Volvo v60 is currently my favourite car in this segment before of course driving the new 3-series having spent some time with the new BMW 3-series it is my pleasure to report BMW fixed what had broken the previous generation.

And made some incremental changes would just put a smile on my face and I don't get bored driving this Beemer and there aren't many cars like that throughout the year so this is an achievement and how do you like the new BMW 3-series ready to trade in your f 30 or maybe you're an Audi or a Mercedes person let me know in the comment section below president Bell icon to get notifications.

Every time I post new reviews every Friday thanks for watching and I will see you in the next one

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