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Saving my filthy accident damaged volvo v70! Copart rescue.

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Опубликовано: 2019-03-14T21:18:12.000Z

Продолжительность: 00:13:08

I bought this from the salvage auction for under £400, I'm trying to repair it to a usable condition for under £600, can I keep in budget?
Contact me on autoshineyoutube@outlook.com

brave people welcome in my next project it's a Volvo v70 2.4 d5 diesel there's a really good spec car as well as you can see on the outside that's absolutely filthy and what can I bet Saudis but itself really looks like it's been neglected to be wanna stay here on the unsaved the same theme continues its fell through.

Basically like down the safe zone here it's discussed then those finger meals down there dog here though near we up switch those redo or something dog here down there it's just both via blue via look it up needs our floor clean and the back same story absolutely Sophie will get out so this is my project.

Look at those wheels I have this it moves that that if for a long time zooming under the out she's what disgusting and the bit we have got and absolutely ruins highway will I've never seen hope we all believe like that Annalise before I don't know how that's happened apart for that the boots actually the cleanest part of the cardikat but it's even clean in the boot.

But a few dog here see it in the end but nothing but there's some broken glass and the floor rail and the bird which points that haven't had a broken window at the back is on point but nothing unusual really nice keep going round usual scum on the boot edge and this is what getting around to this at a more interesting partly less car they keep.

Going up the side the eagle-eyed amongst you all I've spotted the stacker on the windscreen up there know what that points to as it's a core part car and the reason is a core part car the cause of us somebody's crash then it'll say dia and they've been that way and see that the wheel is also damaged that needs a Wang and the wheel and if you look there.

You'll see that we will taunt and that will straight sort of something up on the suspension so we'll need to check that out as well the idea is to have the scarf accident on the road for less than 600 bones and if we can do that that's a hell of a car because this thing as fully at worthy debts got heated seats cruise control air conditioning memory seats and look.

What else I've got down here best of all I've got a careful and look at that so I can drive around Kevin on our make all Nate hello KITT he anyway great so we've got the Volvo and and the first thing we're going to do is we're going to find out what's causing this we all have been then and so I think it's a tractor at the end so we need to get the wheel off and have a look more to make.

Sure so we've got a wheel off and a track but the end is definitely see where buses all our softest rosters came off that's because a childhood ends been and it's all falling off so we've gotta try it with end and preparation that's better yeah the rack and awful looks bent so luckily I preempted that as well and I.

Got one of them not only about 10 pounds so the ROI the end was 10 pounds and the trailer they end I think was maybe 15 around the boat I'll put the proper places off on the screen so let's get them off right so I'm going to change the front.

When now you can see it's all bashed up so we've got some rabbits here to Tek I thank you looking at the new wing of the replacement Wang there's a ball under here and there's some more Revit over here and I think they'll be one some stuff under the bumper so I'm hoping we can just pull the bumper out to get access there but we'll find out as we go to get this splash guard that I think.

Let's crack on what so I've got a no-bail up got the Wang on and then the ready : the color looks a good match to the Zbornak so I'm quite happy with that the new wheels on copper B marks on the new your butt matches the rest of them for that sake and the new track rod end and the tally bar is on as.

Well so the wheels pointing straight I'm driving the car off the road and it drives really nice actually so I was a place to do now is clean up total cost so far for the car as I round about 550 pounds including Patris in it and the repairs so I'm really quite happy with ah now as always I like to ask people IV question and get people comment and it involved in the comment.

Section this is no different so have you got a story about a cheap car that you've owned what geyser and what was the car and what was it like did it turn out to be surprisingly good and you done thousands of miles on it or was that an absolute money pattern you wish you'd never bought if you ever had one of them well there's no end the comments box thanks.

For watching and tune in next week for the bank clean because last thing needs that as healthy thanks for watching guys and gals bye you

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