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2019 Ford Ranger - Review & Road Test

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Опубликовано: 2018-12-18T11:00:00.000Z

Продолжительность: 00:12:49

Following an extended absence the Ford Ranger has returned for the 2019 model year, bringing with it a range of questions. Can real humans fit in the back seats? Is the cargo box ready for serious hauling? Is the Ranger’s standard turbocharged 4-cylinder engine a worthy mill for towing? How does the 2019 Ranger fare off-road? Join Kelley Blue Book’s Micah Muzio as he digs up the answers in our complete 2019 Ford Ranger review and road test.
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Hey truck shoppers if you don't need full-sized capabilities but you do need a bed you've got plenty of midsize options let's see Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon Toyota Tacoma Nissan Frontier Honda Ridgeline new Jeep gladiator but honestly your car shopping homework isn't complete until you've examined the Ford Ranger.

Ah Ranger you left for six years and expect this to just welcome you back okay then welcome back among midsize pickups the reborn Ranger is notable both for what it offers and what it doesn't do you want a v6 engine maybe a diesel move it along now nothing to see here at least at launch the Ranger comes with one powertrain a 10 speed automatic.

Transmission links to a 2.3 liter EcoBoost 4-cylinder used in a variety of Ford products but modified for truck duty with a forged crankshaft and forged connecting rods wait is that the Focus RS if driving a truck with a boosted 4-cylinder sounds like a bummer remember the Ranger can tow a hefty seventy five hundred pounds when equipped with the tow package that's.

Much more than a frontier or a Tacoma yeah you can haul extra 200 pounds with GM's 2.8 liter diesel but the point is regardless of what's under the hood the Ranger is a numerically capable pickup truck one even more numbers okay the Ranger has a best-in-class eighteen hundred and sixty pound payload capacity it's also efficient those city figures are about the best you're gonna find in.

Truck ville interestingly despite being turbocharged ford recommends you fill your ranger with 87 octane that should save you a few dimes at the pump okay so you don't have any decisions to make in the engine bay but you can choose the body and bed layout the super cab includes two cozy rear seats accessed through small rear doors plus a six-foot bed if you favor sentient.

Payload choose the roughly 2200 dollar pricier super Krewe with its roomier four-door five-passenger cab and shorter five foot bed riding atop a fully boxed steel frame the wheelbase and total length are identical with either version size aside the bed is a reasonably functional space you have a step here so you can go over the top but if you pull down the tailgate that is undamped you.

Can use the corner getting a little bit of a leg stretch but it's not too too hard to get in standard tie-down points you got a little spot here here and up here and you'll notice this is a factory spray in bedliner in fact they even have a little sticker up here that says tough bed just to let everybody know that you sprung for the ford accessories now you can put some stuff in here if you want.

Cool you know an optional bedstep Allah the f-150 might be nice maybe they'll save that for the mid cycle update where interior functionality is concerned the rear seatbacks flip forward revealing well really nothing at all aside from the jack you can also flip up the seat bottoms to reveal these hidden storage areas and they're plastic so you can.

Probably get in real filthy fish we'll go there for those truly committed to the cargo hauling lifestyle the super cab offers a rear seat delete option friends who needs friends venture past that sad friend free cargo zone and you'll find rear glass featuring an available manual sliding rear window Ford is not the only manufacturer whose rear slider operates.

Manually but a power slider still would have been nice the rest of the interior is marked by cubbies cupholders modest center console storage and simple controls interior doesn't take any big swings in the looks or functionality Department but it works well enough in terms of occupant space I the quintessential average American male at 5 foot 10 inch fine there's some nice.

Soft space here for my elbows there's a lot of hard plastics if you poked around a time the Lariat trim at least this part is socked with some stitching and the seat is squishy long-term comfortable that's nice in the back seat and this super crew my knees clear foot space is okay but plenty of headroom I could certainly sit back here for a little while in the middle position a.

Little bit of a hump oh yeah still workable hey Tim come sit next to me let's see how uncomfortable it gets three-three strapping guys back here what do you think does this work I like it well yeah you like it sorry James that's what you get for sitting in back note rear space in the super cab is substantially reduced versus the super Krewe we're talking a four-inch legroom.

And 2.4 inch Headroom deficit and now with roughly half of the video gone we should probably talk about how the Ranger drives from the driver's seat there's a lot of glass and it makes it easy to see out of the vehicle give you a really good sense of the Rangers dimensions among pickup tracks this is one of the most manageable ones you can drive with it's independent front and.

Live axle leaf spring rear suspension before Ranger drives like a truck big twist I know that said for a pickup truck the Ranger rides well yeah you get some of that live axle jitter action over little imperfections but big bumps are absorbed smoothly and as far as interior noise is concerned on coming to a stop so it's very quiet here but even on the freeway noise levels are.

Inoffensive unlike me the driver did ever tell you the one about power from a stop is ample and nucleus to dramatic if you're going around a corner but when cruising the transmission does a really nice job of putting the engine in its power making revs range whenever you need it let me over take this other Ranger and see what happens cruising along i-35.

Mashed hit and move it's good the auto stop start system is quick when I brought my foot off the brake the engine came right back to life yeah there's a little light shimmy and it shuts down or when it turns on but it doesn't bother me I'd actually just leave it activated if it bothers you there's a really big wide button down here with an obvious a and a circle on.

It just mash that with your angry hand oh that actually works okay I know it's a truck review and nobody cares about hope them it road-holding but let's see what happens as I steer into this corner I'm gonna see a little bit of body lean and the steering is not quite as precise as it could be pushes a little bit of the limit bladder you know if you're a.

Really good driver you can really balance it on the Edit and edge of adhesion as I stumble over my words there's just so much action happening here behind the wheel of the Ranger all the stuff that you don't need in a truck review that's what that was given its size the Ranger boasts a major parking advantage versus full-size trucks for Truckee usability in a.

Manageable package you can't beat a midsize er of course being a truck off-road abilities matter - how nice afford to give us some room to play in the dirt four-wheel drive with shift on the fly abilities is optional adding $4,000 or so to the price tag that might sound like a lot but it's typical for the segment's an electronic locking rear differential is also optional but to.

Really spark your Rangers off-road credibility spring for the $1,300 FX for off-road package that adds an off-road tuned suspension skid plates this all-important sticker and Ford's terrain management system choose between grass gravel and snow mud and ruts or sand and the Ranger will adapt its throttle response transmission and stability control behavior accordingly another.

Off-road feature is trail control a system that manages braking and acceleration for the driver much like cruise control for the dirt I've already experienced trail control in the f-150 Raptor and well it might be nice for people who are new to off-roading for season off rotors like myself it doesn't make much sense now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna go get this thing high.

Centered on a berm and Here I am using crowd control to go down these little steps we've got a set at 1 mile per hour I'm gonna have to touch the brake or the throttle and I'm just using the steering wheel I'm only one step more involved than you are right now I'm like you want to take the wheel I'm now exactly as involved as you.

Are I'm sure it's great including destination charges the least expensive rear drive Ranger XL super cab starts around twenty-five thousand four hundred dollars and includes six airbags trailer sway control automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection power windows mirrors and door locks and a basic four point two inch sync infotainment system that pretty much covers the essentials.

Aside from cruise control which is optional but if it were me I would definitely upgrade to the 8 inch sync 3 infotainment system with a well sorted interface and apple carplay and android auto compatibility it also has Alexa voice recognition if you're into that sort of thing Alexa justify your existence suspiciously quiet select the mid-tier XLT trim and you'll.

Swap out the excels vinyl floors for carpeting while enhancing safety with lane departure warning lane keeping assist rear parking sensors and a blind-spot warning system that accounts for any trailers you might be towing meet loadout the fanciest 4x4 super Krewe lariat trim with standard adaptive cruise control and fancy options like keyless access with push-button start a.

LED head and tail lights embedded navigation keypad entry a Bang & Olufsen audio system the previously mentioned tow package with trailer brake controller and an engine block heater we will never use them San Diego and you can spend more than forty thousand dollars as you guessed there's various dealer installed options and appearance packages to further customize your.

Ranger as of when this video was made we still hadn't heard confirmation about a US version of the Ranger Raptor sold elsewhere in the world come on Ford you know reviewers get cranky when we have to wait and I want a jumper Ranger now fooled you among Ranger competitors the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado each offer a lower base price but also less standard.

Horsepower Toyota Tacoma is less efficient and similarly priced to the Ranger but with long-term value bolstered by superior resale values nissan frontier is old but maybe you can find a deal on one and the Honda Ridgeline is pricier than the Ranger but less truck like and all the good and bad ways you can imagine oh and at press time we haven't driven the Jeep.

Gladiator yet but something tells me it's gonna be much pricier than the Ranger suite top action though bottom line there's a midsize truck for every taste but if you want a modern capable efficient competitively priced pickup the Ford Ranger is here to play and now if you'll wait just a moment you'll be treated to a truly undignified.

Post-credit scene and check back here soon for a full review I promise I'm gonna make Micah drive it like a mad woman with a wig on you

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